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This is me!

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You can find me at:

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How do you Do?

I'm Mads Motush, I use He/Him pronouns, and I am a product designer currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I'm a social scientist-slash-artist who fell in love at the intersection of the two: Product Design. 

Graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor's in Sociology, minor Education along with my User Experience Design Diploma ensures I'm delivering products that are built with the human experience in mind. 

UX design has opened the door to the infinite world of my imagination: at long last I've found something that combines my love of riddle solving, art and ability to empathize in a beautifully magnificent way.

I'm eager to hone my skills and ready to grind in order to become the best designer I can be. I look forward to collaborating and creating with future colleagues as we brave the bold new digital world ahead of us.

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